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forrest's story


Chin rubs

Being outside

Naps in his many window beds

Fitting into small boxes and bags

Fetch and chasing a laser

Chasing his tail

Sleeping in awkward positions




Physical exertion

Car rides 

Forrest came into our lives by accident, but it was the best accident of our lives. 


Fate works in mysterious and sometimes amazing ways, this day it showed us something we didn't even realize we were missing in our lives. We were driving to the grocery store and decided to take our back lane (which we never take), and noticed a kitten on the road, my boyfriend is a massive cat person and said 'if he is still there when we come home, we should stop and help him'. On the way home, we didn't notice him where he was before, but I checked my rear view mirror and saw him peaking out from a fence. We stopped the car and checked on him. He was covered in scabs and had an injury to his right eye, it looked like he had been on the streets for quite a while. We loaded him in the car and took him home. 


I'll be honest, I was not a cat person. It took Steve two weeks to convince me we needed
to keep the kitten, I finally relented. The kitten lived with us for a few weeks without a name. We took him to the vets, got his shots and got the vet to take a look at his eye. He had a scar on his pupil from a scrap with another cat, but he could see for the most part. He didn't end up growing hair back in the area where he had the scabs, but he was our little fighter. One day, Steve and I were watching Forrest Gump and we both said "Forrest!" pretty much at the same time. Forrest Gump reminded us of our kitten, kind of a klutz with a lot luck (plus I am a huge fan of that movie!). Forrest found his home and we found a piece of our heart (we didn't even know was missing). From that moment on, I was a cat person. 

Forrest was 18lbs of pure awesomeness! He had bright green eyes that always were full of light, love and a bit of mischief! He was more like a dog than a cat, he loved chasing his tail (he was very good at flips), playing fetch, chasing the laser (which he thought would go into the wall and would stare at it forever) and running around outside. He was kind of a klutz, walking off of furniture sometimes, and he loved playing, attacking your ankles if you were not careful! 


In April of 2017, Forrest was diagnosed with liver cancer. We had 3 more weeks with him, before he passed away in Steve's arms. Forrest was with us for 9 years, it definitely was not long enough, but we cherish the moments we had with him every single day. 


"The flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long"

In July of 2020 we added a pair of furballs to the family, Karl and Suzie.
We are absolutely in love with them!



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